Structural defects may be a sign of more serious issues.

Architecture and Partners llp, with its in-house team of architects, designers, surveyors and construction specialists, undertakes various types of surveys tailored for your specific requirements. Building surveys help you to have a better understanding of your property in terms of its structure, development potentials and potential maintenance issues ensuring you have a better forecast of your future liabilities.

Building surveying encompasses a wide range of services to existing house owners and occupiers as well as  commercial property owners. Architecture and Partners llp undertakes three standard types of structural survey:

Preliminary Inspection: We will accompany you on a visit to the property you are considering purchasing, and during a ‘walk-round’ inspection, point out and discuss salient features. Our fee is usually about £250 to £400 plus VAT.

Standard Buyer’s or Seller’s Report: This service provides a report on the general condition and state of repair of the property. Our reports are tailored to each property and follow the guidance of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Details of defects of a minor nature are excluded, as is comment on parts which the Surveyor is unable to see. Fees start at £750 plus VAT, with a higher charge for larger or more complicated properties.

Building Survey: We provide a comprehensive 20-25 page report, illustrated, and detailing the characteristics of the property, with a prioritised list of defects and repairs, along with an Environmental Report detailing ground and environmental issues in the vicinity. If a house or a flat, it will be prepared in accordance with the RICS Guidance; other reports will cover the specific requirements stipulated by the Client.

Valuations: Although we may comment on the sale or purchase price we do not carry out stand-alone (so-called ‘Red Book’) valuations; this is normally done by a valuer engaged by a bank or building society who is familiar with local property prices. Architecture and Partners llp is entirely independent and does not work for banks.

Home Reports: We do not carry out Home Reports, which are still mandatory in Scotland, because we consider them to be misleading.