Party Walls

16012a PW04 copy Party Walls and Boundaries

The Party Wall legislation is a means of preventing disputes between neighbours when building work has to be done on or near a party wall or boundary or is within six metres of the foundations of a nearby building. It sets out the right of an owner to carry out work, and at the same time protects the right of the neighbours not to have their property and lives damaged. We provide a specialist Party Wall service to property owners and to other consultancy firms such as solicitors and architects.

Party Wall Surveyors may act for the property owner carrying out the work (the “Building Owner”), or for neighbours affected by such work (Adjoining Owner), and can act as Agreed Third Surveyor for both. No matter who appoints them, law and professional ethics require them to act impartially. A Party Wall Surveyor should be consulted as soon as possible since notices have to be served on adjoining owners giving up to two months notice of the intention to start work, and the Party Wall Surveyor will need time to prepare them; it is therefore wise to start the formal process as soon as possible.